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About myself, I can say that:
I help companies get the most out of Autodesk engineering software. I am an engineer, an expert in the use of Autodesk systems in the range of computer design aided and project documentation management. I specialize in consulting and implementing Autodesk CAD and PDM solutions in manufacturing companies, offices designing industrial devices, consumer equipment, technological instrumentation, etc. I have over 25 years of experience in working with companies that want to use their engineering software to design better products.
In working with clients, I always try to identify the company's operating environment, organizational culture, work together to develop a realistic goal of implementation works and, on this basis, propose appropriate actions. I always listen with intense attention to what the people managing the design process and its direct participants - users of engineering software have to say. I know that understanding the needs of everyone involved in the design process will guarantee the success of the implementation and help the company to get more from the investment in engineering systems.
And in my free time, I write good books for the users of Autodesk software.
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