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Autodesk Inventor 2023 Tutorial Series. Sheet Metal Design

Sheet Metal Design Modeling
Sheet Metal Design Modeling
Basic and Advanced Techniques
Autodesk Inventor 2023 Tutorial Series
Publication Date: 2022-08
ISBN: 9798849303994
Page Count: 172
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8" x 10"
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Language: English
Price: $ 25.00
Sheet Metal Design Modeling
This tutorial is intended for people who are familiar with the basics of working with Autodesk Inventor and now want to learn all aspects of sheet metal design in Autodesk Inventor. The manual is divided into two main parts.
Basic techniques for creating sheet metal parts
In the first part, you will learn how to configure the Inventor Sheet Metal Environment and complete a number of tutorials to illustrate the use of specific Inventor tools specifically for sheet metal design, unfolding, saving DXF files, and creating sheet metal specific drawing documentation.
Advanced techniques for creating sheetmetal parts
In the second part of this tutorial, you will learn about the tools and techniques that go beyond the sheet metal design module's tools to help you design more complex sheet metal parts. It will show the application of selected solid modeling tools, the use of surface modeling and the multi-body technique that facilitate the design of various types of sheet metal parts and obtaining the flat pattern of the parts.
To complete all the exercises, you need a set of exercise files that must be downloaded and unpacked to the default location before you start working with the book.
Selected illustrations from the e-book
Table of Contents
Sheet metal parts. The basics
Sheet metal styles
Sheet Metal Rule
Sheet Metal Unfold
Linear K Factor
Bend Table
Custom Equation
Parameters of the sheet metal model
Flat Pattern DXF file for a cutting machine
Sheet metal modeling environment
Preparation for the exercises
  Set the project file for exercises
Exercise 1 Configuration of styles and template for sheet metal parts
Exercise 2 Drawing template modification. Sheet thickness in title block               
Basic techniques for creating sheet metal parts
  Exercise 3 Flanges and mirror copy. Sheet metal wheel support
Exercise 4 Flanges and corners. Sheet metal box
Exercise 5 Contour flange around the edge. Sheet metal door
Exercise 6 Contour Flange and Contour Roll
Exercise 7 Bend, local unfolds and refolds, cuts. Mounting Box I
Exercise 8 Punch tool, bend orders. Mounting Box II
Exercise 9 Text marking on the flat pattern. Creating a DXF file
Exercise 10 Bending along the line. Bracket
Exercise 11 Rectangle to Oval transition                
Exercise 12 A drawing of a sheet metal part containing a flat pattern
Exercise 13 Flat Pattern area and thickness in the assembly drawing
Exercise 14 iFeature in sheet metal parts. Embossing
Advanced techniques for creating sheetmetal parts
  Exercise 15 Standard tools in modeling sheet metal parts. Sleeve with a lock
Exercise 16 Multi-body technique. A sheet metal tunnel made of two parts
Exercise 17 Multi-body technique. Various sheet thicknesses in one part
Exercise 18 Multi-body technique. Surface skeleton. Duct Tees
Exercise 19 Solid – Surface – Sheet Metal. The Casing
Exercise 20 The flat pattern of the stamped sink. Unwrap
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